Friday, 29 April 2011


  Knitting is about order and rhythm.  When I knit, this trail of loops creates a sense of comfort and peace.  The rhythm of my hands and needles channel my thoughts to a path of harmony.  These loops that congeal into patterns and textures fill me up with a sense of pride and contentment.

  Knitting is not a tedious repetition of loop after loop, because each loop is unique.  It is the closest thing to magic. It transforms strings of yarn into creations that witness our feelings, memories, movements and sounds of that special moment.

  Knitting is about passion, connection and love.

  Knitting is about the celebration of a newborn.

  I knitted this little cardi for my friend who is expecting soon.  This is the first time that I have created a pattern for such a small item.  I dearly wish that she and, of course, her little bundle of joy will like it :)


  1. How beautiful. The cardigan is sooo sweet. I hope the newborn likes it.

  2. Very beautiful and I agree with you insight into Knitting!

  3. I understand you feelings on knitting.
    I haven't knit a tiny outfit in a long time.
    I am sure the new mom will love it, such a treasure.