Monday, 2 May 2011

It all started with the closing of route A6...

  The journey started with us going to Chatsworth House for a picnic.  For those who don’t know, Chatsworth House is a grand hall in the Peak District of Derby, and was once the home of John F. Kennedy’s little sister, Kathleen.  It’s one of those grand houses that I adore, where the aristocrats live and we imagine how our lives would be if we lived there.  My mother always says “rich people have money, and poor people have imagination and that’s a fair deal”, do you think so?... Up till now, I still can’t make up my mind how fair this deal is.
A view of Chatsworth House

  Ok, so that was the plan, but, because of a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) fire at a plastic recycling warehouse, there was a diversion on the road, enforced by the Police.  Well, we diverted as good citizens do in this situation.  The only problem, we were miles and miles and miles and miles... and miles from our next route to Chatsworth House.  So we settled down for the nearest option: Matlock Bath (it’s a name of a town, not the wash bath).  Now that is clear, I can show you some HANDSOME pictures.
  The landscape is very hilly and breathtaking.  The road is narrow, and believe me, the only thing you can compare it to is a theme park rollercoaster... just this one has speed cameras. 

You think this is a drop? Wait till you see the next photo.
  There was a huge massive drop ahead, just take my word for it, because I don’t have any photo to prove it because, at this time, I was clinging to the wheel for my dear life, while my daughter thought it was hilariously funny and started to whoop and abandoned the task of taking photos.
And yet another drop.
And it goes on...
...and it goes on...
...and on...
...hooray, we made it, and just in case we were in doubt whether we have dropped off the end of the Earth, the flags reassured us that we were still in our dear England. FLAT ROAD!!
The place was charming... but this phrase only revealed itself after 2 cups of coffee to calm my nerves.
A war memorial...
...a river...
...a bridge...
...cable cars...
...a random!!!
  Matlock Bath is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  My daughter loves classic scooters and aims to own one by the time she leaves for university.  Well then, time to check how the piggy bank is doing.
These were the quirkiest ones out of all the motorcycles, but there were also some "whoa!" ones.
 All's well that ends well, our picnic journey started with a plan, followed by a diversion, then a discovery, and ended with a delight :)


  1. What a beautiful place and some great photos. I appreciate you putting your nerves to the test to get them. My imagination, while free, wouldn't have got the same feel for your drive. I love those kinds of digressions in an outing. Makes it more of an adventure.

    As you can see I'm commenting! Hurray! And I've
    been knitting. Are you on Ravelry?

  2. Well that was a nice adventure. Love the photos the land is breathtaking.