Thursday, 30 June 2011

Never Say No to New Ways...

My mum’s favourite hobby is watching TV, especially soaps, movies, the news, sports..... Okay, okay everything on TV.  Well, that has changed and she is knitting.  Yes, my mum is knitting.  The story goes like this:
She came to stay with us for a week.  During this week, my mum started to suffer from TV withdrawal symptoms, so we rushed to the TV store and bought a new TV.  Yeah, I didn’t have a TV: we are old foes, and if you are wondering what happened to it, let’s just say a while ago, it was taken into pieces and placed outside and taken away by the bin men.  Bless its soul.
Well, the week was extended to a month.  I love having my mum to stay with us, but I think I was beginning to suffer from peace withdrawal symptoms with the TV, so it had to gooooooooooooo!   Before it met its fate at the back of the dustbin truck, my mum declared that she can survive without TV, so it was merely switched off.
As the 2nd week went on, the TV withdrawal symptoms returned and my mum was suffering badly, but she wouldn’t give up, bless her fighting soul.  But a miracle happened and my daughter managed to convince her mama (grandma) to take up knitting.  My mum, knitting???  I needed to see this before I believed it.  However, she proved me wrong and she started to learn.
The cliché is that mothers teach their daughters to knit, but in my case I was teaching my mum to knit, and I was so proud to teach her.  Learning and laughing has given our relationship a different dimension and I love my mum’s sense of humour and her kind nature. She is 75 years old, but she never says no to new ways.  Now, after a month, she loves knitting and she is hoping to knit a blanket.  Way to go, mum, I love you.  Yes, the TV is still OK. We just watch it from time to time.

This is my mum’s first finished creation.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  As a matter of fact, we started by few loops, as seen at the base, but by a miracle of God, some more few loops were added to the work.  I said miracle of God because my mum insists that she has added up no more loops and she was only knitting the original ones.  So, when she saw the finished product, she said “praise the Lord, by miracle of God, the little blanket has turned into a lookalike of the map of the United States of America.”  You see, knitting miracles still happen.
I love you, mum  :D xoxo

By the way, I have a new collection in my Etsy shop; Happy Shopping  :D

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  1. Awww your mom sounds like a real treasure.
    I too taught my mom, but how to crochet. She was never very creative, and I had to help or redo some stitches on almost every one of her projects. I loved to teach her.