Friday, 1 July 2011

'Around the Blogs in 80 Days'

  Inspiration lies all around us, and if we take the opportunity to slow down and just take a little look closer, we will be amazed at how many inspiring people cross our path and enrich our lives.  I’ve been a member of Blogger for a few months now.  During these months, I have ‘met’ some amazing people who have shared with us their hopes, dreams and creations. 
  Well, the plan goes like this: ‘Around the Blogs in 80 Days.’  The idea is that each day, I will visit and talk about what I like in the blog and how it inspires me.  This is a journey, during which I wish to show my gratitude to these people who are truly amazing.

  Today, I wanted to say thank you to Tracy at ‘Tracy’s Treasures’.  She is an inspiring person; her smile always shines through her writing.  Tracy is a very creative person.  I like the cards that she makes and her colouring.  The little anecdotes that she tells us about her family are always sweet and funny, and bring a smile to the heart.  I especially liked the story about the skunk who settled down under her property.   
  I also loved the idea of how she created the window envelope pockets; the idea is so sweet that I want to have a go at it.  Tomorrow, I will post images and let you know how did I get on making the envelope pocket.  Happy Creating  :D
Ok, wish me luck and I would love to know about your blog  :) 

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  1. Awww Rachida that is so nice of you. I was surprised when I come to visit you today. I am so happy you enjoy my blog.
    I love that you visit my blog and leave me such nice comments.

    Looking forward to seeing your Window Envelopes.
    You visit me and I will make you some cookies ;)