Sunday, 3 July 2011

Around the Blogs in 80 Days: Day Three

You can lure me very easy by Art and crafts, and of course cookies. Today, my daughter, mum and I went to the Botanic garden of Leicester University. Besides the art and Craft Displays, there were lots of stalls to visit and I was more than Eager to do so.

   The atmosphere of the Fete was great. The Ground was dotted with people having fun. The cafe was inside the big House, which I think was once a home of some very, very, very rich people, and outside on the terrace there were Instruments of the Jazz band that later on started playing some sweet music whilst we drank juice, sitting on the grass.  The Kids’ Laughter filled the place and joined in with the Music of the band.  There was a sense of romantic Nostalgia in the air.  

  We then came across a stall full of some Original felt designs that looked simply gorgeous. The Plant stalls were full of beautiful and colourful orchids.  I also picked up a schedule sheet for Quilting classes.  I have never had a go at quilting and it seems like great fun, so I’m up for it.  By this time, my mum was getting tired and we needed to Rest our weary feet, so we sat down near a sculpture called ‘Spiral’.  You can’t help but to feel the presence of this great work of art.  The artist has captured the movement of a spiral perfectly. (sorry, no picture available, I’ll post it soon, I simply have to go back again to this place  :D  )
  Off we went again, and this time we visited the stall for the Leicester Tortoise Society where there was an Unbelievable big African Tortoise, yet it was only a baby.  The Venue was teaming with scents, sounds, and colours that were Weaving around you, creating a Xanadu.

  At the end, we walked back to the cafe and had tea.  What’s a British day out without tea and slice of Yummy Victoria Sponge cake??  We’re back home, my feet are weary and all I want to do now is catch some Zzzzzz’s.
That was my A-Z writing, and boy was it a toughie!  Thank you, Stephanie, reading your A-Z challenge was a pleasure  :)
  My next inspiration is The Happy Quilter.  Her blog is very upbeat and light-hearted.  I haven’t finished reading all of her posts, but what I have read so far is beautifully written.  I was especially inspired by her post ‘Is it a Patchwork Quilt?’.  Well, as I said earlier, I have always wanted to have a go at quilting, and this is my chance to put my money where my mouth is.  Wish me luck and let me know about your blog; I’d love to visit you.  Happy quilting   :D

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  1. What a challenge, but you knocked it out of the park :)
    Love your photo's, sounds like a lovely day.