Saturday, 2 July 2011

Around the Blogs in 80 Days: Day Two

Today was a busy, busy day.  It started by travelling around the blogs.  It was all going smoothly and happily until my daughter spotted that dreamy, excited look in my eyes.  Yes, I was planning of moving the furniture around the living room.  Do you get this delicious urge to move furniture around??  I do!  Ignoring my daughter’s usual saying of ‘not again, mum’, I carried out the plan and I couldn’t settle down till the entire living room was rearranged.  I then stood in the middle of the room, pleased with myself.

  Ok, now I could get on with my project.  Tracy, you are a brilliant instructor; your instruction video was very thorough.  However, I am terrible at following instructions. Whenever I purchase any thing that requires assembly, I just throw myself into assembling and the factory should never have bothered with printing the instruction booklet.  Most of the time, it is ok, but there are occasions where the dear ex has had to come and rescue the poor item of furniture. 

  Well, this is my version of Tracy’s window envelope pocket:

Step One:  I am pleased

Step Two:  I am happy

Step Three:  I am dancing with joy

Thank you, Tracy; I had a lot of fun trying out your idea.

  My next journey is taking me to another blog that is close to my heart: Stephanie V at Hookin’, Knittin’ & Livin’.  Her writing is full of warmth and strength.  Her stories are uplifting and her language is very smooth.  The more I read, the more I become eager for the next post; it is always a pleasure to listen to her thoughts.  She is a keen observant and her ways have inspired me in so many ways.  My favourite posts were from her A-Z challenge and I would love to have a go at an A-Z challenge that spans 1 day.

  I’m looking forward to posting it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, happy writing and wish me luck and let me know about your blog; I’d love to visit you  :D

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  1. Your Window Envelope with Tag, turned out beautifully.
    Thank you again for the shout out, and the sweet comment.
    I too am a visual learner. I rather look at the picture on the box and put it together then read the instructions, teehee.